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What is Press?

Press is our unique tool designed to compress BWF (WAV) files into tiny ones while preserving the timecode. Once those BWF (WAV) files are compressed, you’ll find it fast, clean and easy to upload them. Try Press once and you’ll be hooked.

What files will Press work with?

Press was built specifically for BWF (WAV) files, either mono or poly. But it can compress any WAV file used for broadcast purposes.

Why Press?

High-quality, multi-track recorders (Zaxcom, Sounddevices and others) allow crews to record audio for backup purposes. But they produce huge WAV files that are clumsy to upload without the fastest Internet connections (not what you’re likely to find when shooting in the field). Our Press application solves that problem. Press compresses your WAV files, turning them into compact audio files that upload in a snap (with your timecode intact).

Does Press preserve the timecode?

Yes! When you use Press, your BWF (WAV) timecode values are preserved within the compressed output file.

What does Press output?

.ogg files (open-source equivalent to .mp3)

What can I use to play .ogg files?

VLC is a cross-platform free and powerful media player.

More questions?

No problem. Call 212 757 7113.